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Family Health Council, Inc. has been caring for women and their families in western Pennsylvania for more than 30 years.

Founded in 1971, Family Health Council (FHC) operates medical offices and partners with more than 20 other health care services to provide health care at more than 70 sites in 23 counties of western Pennsylvania.

Family Health Council addresses a wide variety of health concerns, such as obstetrics and gynecology, breast and cervical cancer screening, STD testing and treatment, nutrition counseling, adoption services, teen pregnancy prevention, HIV prevention, sexuality education for teens, community education, parent education, professional training, and research.

Family Health Council serves more than 100,000 women and their families each year. Funding comes from federal and state grants, patient fees, and foundation, corporate, and individual contributions.

Family Health Council provides health care services without discrimination on the basis of race, disability, sexual orientation, financial ability, religion, age, sex, or marital status. Our goal is to enhance reproductive health care for women in every county.

Questions? Comments? For more information, contact FHC.
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